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Present Day
Notes on the “Sovereign Military Order of Malta”  http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/SME2/SMOM.html
The Council of the European Union regards the "Sovereign Military Order of Malta" as an "international organisation" only, not as a State. Not all Schengen member States recognize the "Passports" of SMOM." http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/SME2/SMOM/SMOM6.html
Other "Passports" not recognized by members of The Council of the European Union." http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/SME2/SMOM/SMOM7.html
Maltagenealogy.com supports cause for France to loan the Valette sword to Malta http://www.maltagenealogy.com/disclaimers/disclaimer5.htm
A whirlwind tour of St. John’s Co-Cathedral, formerly the Conventual Church of the order that ruled Malta until 1798. http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/SME2/Stjohnsco-cathedral.html
St. John’s right hand, formerly of Malta. http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/SME2/Stjohnsrighthand.html
Overview of the historical passage of the notional Sovereignty of the Maltese Islands from the earliest known period up to the Treaty of Paris 1814. http://www.maltagenealogy.com/libro%20d%27Oro/politics1.html
Regulation of Nobility by King Ferdinand IV of Naples and Sicily (also ‘de jure’ king of Malta) AND Summary of the nobiliary laws until the end of the Bourbon rule in 1860 http://www.maltagenealogy.com/libro%20d%27Oro/Nobility.html
From the original volumes of the Archives of the Order: The definitive lists of Titles of Nobility in Malta in Volume 627 http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/maltesenobility/nobility/Archivesofordervol627.html
Claim to sovereignty of Malta
Translation of the Deed of Donation of the Maltese Islands to the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/SME2/Translationofthedeed.html
A list of Ancient Privileges of the People of Malta and Gozo, granted by their sovereigns and suzerains http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/maltesenobility/nobility/ancientprivileges.html
Peace Treaty transferring dominion of Malta from King of Spain to Duke of Savoy (3 July 1713). http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/SME2/PeaceTreaty1713.html
Old Regal benefices which were succeeded by the Grand Masters as first men of the Maltese islands. http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/maltesenobility/nobility/royalbenefices.html
Oath of Fealty and Invesiture of Order of Saint John in the fief of Malta, Gozo and the Castle of Tripoli 1714. http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/SME2/oathoffealty.html
Rescript by King of Sicily in favour of its subject the Order of Saint John 1714. http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/SME2/Rescript.html
A reassessment of the Maltese Nobility classifications under the government of the Order (1530-1798) http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/SME2/reassessmentofthemaltesenobility.html
Noble Families of Malta welcoming the Knights of St. John in 1530 . http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/maltesenobility/nobility/depiro/NobleFamiliesofMalta1530.html
Grant of a title of nobility to Mario Testaferrata in 1717 which the later British colonial administration maintained was "never recognized" by the Order of Saint John. http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/SME2/MarioTestaferrata.html
Titles of Noble Patrician of Messina (Testaferrata) http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/maltesenobility/patricansofmessinatestaferrata.htm
Maltese Militia officers of the Order of Saint John 1723-1761 http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/maltesenobility/nobility/maltesemilitiaofficers.html
The 1st Capitulation of 1798 http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/SME2/Capitulationof1798.html
Maltese submitting to French Rule http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/SME2/Malteseunderfrenchrule.html
Invasion of Malta in 1798, Preparations for invasion and Surrender of the Order: Extracts from "CORRESPONDANCE DE NAPOLÉON I" Part 1 http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/SME2/SMOM/SMOM1.html
Invasion of Malta in 1798, Preparations for invasion and Surrender of the Order: Extracts from "CORRESPONDANCE DE NAPOLÉON I" Part 2 http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/SME2/SMOM/SMOM2.html
Set of 3 documents describing Hompesch, Paul, Ruspoli and Tommasi. Part A; http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/SME2/SMOM/SMOM3.html
Set of 3 documents describing Hompesch, Paul, Ruspoli and Tommasi. Part B; http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/SME2/SMOM/SMOM4.html
Set of 3 documents describing Hompesch, Paul, Ruspoli and Tommasi. Part C; http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/SME2/SMOM/SMOM5.html
Early calls for Malta to be a Free and Independent State. British perfidy and suppression of evidence of the Maltese People's wishes. http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/SME2/Cobbetts2.html
Diplomatic incident in Malta after 1802 Treaty of Amiens http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/maltesenobility/Diplomaticincident1802.htm 
The memory of the Consiglio Popolare of Malta http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/SME2/ConsiglioPopolare.html  
Reassessing a muddied Champion http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/SME2/muddiedchampion.html
Extracts from Biographie des Hommes Vivants ou Histoire par Ordre Alphabetique http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/maltesenobility/Melita/desHommesVivants.htm 
Maltese Delegation to London in Cobbett's 1802. http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/Cobbetts.html
PDF file of Notice sur l’Occupation de Malte en 1798 par l’armee Francaise - reponse a une assertion par M. de Conny dans son Histoire de la Revolution Francaise (1843). http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/SME2/Notice_sur_l_occupation_de_Malte_en_1798.pdf
Gazzetta del Governo 1815 http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/gazzettadigoverno.htm
PDF File of G. Mitrovich, "Indirizzo ai Maltese", 1835. http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/SME2/Indirizzo_ai_Maltesi-1.pdf
PDF File of G. Mitrovich, "The claims of the Maltese; founded upon the principles of justice", 1835 http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/SME2/The_claims_of_the_Maltese__founded_upon_.pdf
A British agenda to annihilate certain Maltese? http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/SME2/Britishagenda.html
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Key to titles of nobility http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/maltesenobility/titlesofnobilityinmalta.html
Adami Collection http://www.maltagenealogy.com/adami/ADAMI1.htm
British-created titles of Nobility (1815-1964) conferred on Maltese, and relative genealogies http://www.maltagenealogy.com/libro%20d'Oro/Chapter7.html
Lords Lieutenants of Malta. http://www.maltagenealogy.com/COA/2012/LORDLIEUTENANTS.html
British nobility - index http://www.maltagenealogy.com/Britishnobility/main.htm
Narrative descriptions of families and biographies. http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/maltesenobility/nobility/depiro/Narrativedescriptions.html
Maltese Families http://www.maltagenealogy.com/libro%20d'Oro/Maltesefamilies.html
The Heraldry of the Maltese Surnames, Civil, Town Councils, etc. http://www.maltagenealogy.com/COA/defaultCOA.htm












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www.maltagenealogy.com is dedicated to celebrating and reassessing the history of the Maltese People